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We have heard many intriguing stories from women in trades and services. Women talk of triumphing over many challenges to succeed in their chosen fields.

How they travelled the path through apprenticeships and training. How they have devised innovative and inspirational ways to run their business and offer reliable and quality services in homes and businesses.


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Penny Holyoak -
Home Maintenence
Penny's Home Maintenance
Penny Holyoak
- Home Maintenance
Penny's Home Maintenance
Penny undertakes general maintenance including carpentry(building decks &pergolas, small fences, tank stands, assembly of flat-pack furniture, repairs to doors and windows, , fitting of locks and security doors, refurbishing flyscreens &security doors. Installation of aids for the elderly and disabled (hand rails and hand held showers) and the building of ramps. Penny also has skills in teaching and training other people in undertaking their own home maintenance. Instruction offered in small groups and individually.
Penny has previously worked as a Home Maintenance Officer with local government for 10 years & has experience with older people and people with disabilities. She now runs her own successful business. Prior to working with local council Penny had a variety of jobs not related to the work she does now. When asked "How did you get into Carpentry?", Penny answers "my father was always fixing something & all sorts of tools were around. That sort of work always interested me so I thought I should give it a go". Penny's path to employment in a non-traditional area of work provides an example of how one woman has persisted with non-linear, non-academic career development & has attained her goals.
Penny demonstrates her commitment to improving the choices available to other women by encouraging them to learn to renovate themselves & running Repair & Maintenance workshops for women in rural & metropolitan Melbourne . One of her aims is to assist women overcome their fear of power tools. Penny was the WINNER of the AUSTRALIAN TRADESPERSON of the YEAR (2002) - National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).
Tel: 0412 045 115
A/H: 9359 0101
Email: handypen@unite.com.au
Area: Melbourne metropolitan
Years in Business: 15
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