In 1997 Julie McCormack & Sally Northfield formed a partnership INCOMPANY
(Women in Trades & Services) to:

Identify women working in trades & non-traditional employment
Promote these women through the publication & sale of the Directory of Women in Trades & Service and NOW THE ONLINE VERSION OF THE DIRECTORY
Provide a range of support services to the women listed in the Directory.

We compile, edit & publish the
Directory of Women in Trades & Services

The 1st edition was published in 1998 & due to public and industry demand
- the Directory was published in its 2nd edition (Nov 2000)
The 2nd Directory listed over 500 women working in diverse fields from Architecture to Woodwork
Now the 2005, 3rd edition of the Directory is online and is more accessible to more women

This 'must see' resource gives women greater choice about who they invite into
their homes &/or businesses to deliver services

Acts as a career guidance tool
Facilitates networking and job sharing between women in trades and services

The Web Site

The ONLINE database of women in trades and services
* Click on and find the contact details of women in trades and descriptions of the tasks they undertake OR
* If you offer a trade or service Register NOW for an online profile

The interactive part of this web site is called MC2. It is here that women in trades can share their experiences with each other and others, including young women in schools, who are interested in learning how to enter a non-traditional area of work

This Site encourages women to pursue Vocational Education & Training and schools to participate in educational activities to widen girls career options


INCOMPANY is involved in a range of other initiatives which promote and support women in non-traditional employment. We conduct public relations campaigns and facilitate workshops and seminars. We also act as a contact point to connect women in their various fields and where appropriate to use each other to complete larger projects.

If you are a business not conducting non-traditional work in the trades and services (e.g. not eligible for registration on the online database) BUT would like details about advertising on another part of our site contact us for options

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